Money Decisions That Create More Happiness

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Can more money and stuff really buy happiness? What does the world, science, and Bible teach us about money? Discover what Christianity says about properly managing money.

In this episode of the Finance for Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks about underlying and non-negotiable values and beliefs regarding money to create more happiness.

Topics Discussed:

  • Wrong Direction: If getting rich is driving force, align/understand purpose, values
  • Money: Tool to live good life through your goals, purpose, and values
  • Bible: Covers money and personal finance lessons – lean on your faith
  • Harvard Study: Does spending or giving money away make you happy?
  • Income/Wealth: More money gives good return on happiness but doesn’t last
  • Baseline Needs: After meeting them, why not try giving rather than spending
  • Research: Giving money equals happiness, especially when you have a choice


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