Financial Vitals Check Part 6: Taking Action

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If you don’t do anything or take action by following up on your financial vitals plan, it’s not of any value to you. The purpose is to make progress and improve sooner by staying on track and measuring success.

In this episode of the Finance for Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks about steps to move forward by planning, checking, and tracking your financial vitals. Happiness is when your values are in alignment with your actions.

Topics Discussed:

  • Goal: Come up with a game plan based on an individual’s vitals and customize it
  • Financial Vitals Recap:
    • Part 1: Clarify values
    • Part 2: Save, spend, give ratio
    • Part 3: Net worth
    • Part 4: Safety net check
    • Part 5: Investment plan
  • Annually or As Needed: How often to check if financial vitals are in alignment
  • Other Financial Vitals: Consider education funding and business-related items
  • Key Takeaway: Create plan to take action for checking financial vitals


Financial Vitals Check Part 1: Clarify Values

Financial Vitals Check Part 2: Save, Spend, Give Ratio

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