How To Make The Right Decision

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How do you live out your values in day-to-day decision making, especially when you operate on autopilot? What standards and steps can you take to be more intentional?

In this episode of the Finance for Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks about how to make the right decisions regarding finances and other aspects of your life. Align your values to guide your actions and decisions.

Topics Discussed:

  • Values: What is most important? Are you aware of your decisions and actions?
  • Right thing to do? Is this a good decision? Consult values before decisions
  • Good Decisions: Worst part is when you justify it with logic and reason
  • Steps and Processes: Preparation, experience, and expertise are mandatory
    • Step 1: Take time to make a decision
    • Step 2: Sleep on a decision
    • Step 3: Share idea with people you trust and ask for advice/feedback
    • Step 4: Big picture summary – where do you want to go, what’s important?


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