The #1 Reason Physicians Make Bad Financial Decisions

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Physicians are super smart, work hard, and have tons of earning potential. Even more importantly, they are in a trusted profession that provides value and makes a difference. 

In this episode of the Finance For Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks about the main reason why physicians make bad financial decisions and how to avoid them to stay on track.   

Topics Discussed:

  • Financial Solutions: Best or worst place to start? It depends
  • Home Buying Decision: Avoid being house poor and pressure to pay bills
  • Financially Fine: Learn to live the ideal life that you hoped to live
  • What went wrong? Buying a nice home is not a mistake, it’s the buying process
  • Ideal Future: Children? Life/work balance? Financial freedom? Charitable giving?
  • Financial Resources: What’s available? Income/earning potential vs. priorities
  • Financial Decision: What’s your budget? Incorporate true all-in costs
  • Efficiency Hacks: Ways to improve outcomes of financial decisions
  • Financial Planning Process: Avoid temptation/shiny objects, stay out of trouble


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