Why I Drive an 18-Year-Old Car

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What make, model, and year is the car you drive? Thinking about buying a new one? Why? Consider all factors to make the right, not wrong buying decision.    

In this episode of the Finance For Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks about why he drives an 18-year-old Toyota Avalon. The 2003 vehicle has heated leather seats and 6-disc CD changer—it’s still in good condition and comfortable to drive.  

Topics Discussed:

  • Car Buying: How to make a good, solid, level-headed decision
  • Practical Perspective: Base decision on purpose, need, safety, reliability
  • Mechanical Issues: Tend to trigger alternative options for an upgrade
  • Identity and Psychology: What drives car-buying marketing decisions?
  • Timeout: Do your priorities align with buying a new car?
  • Key Purposes:
    • Get from Point A to Point B
    • Comfort level
    • Makes you look better
    • Economic and environment friendly
    • Consider alternatives


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