Investing During Wild Markets with David Blanchett

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Have you been paying attention to the financial news? Most of it is covering all the craziness around stocks. GameStop, AMC, and others went way up only to go way back down. These days, everyone has a Robinhood account and is trading stocks on margin. Plus, the COVID pandemic has added all sorts of volatility to the stock market.   

In this episode of the Finance For Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks to David Blanchett about investing during the craziness of a wild market. David is the Head of Retirement Research for Morningstar’s Investment Management Group and an Adjunct Professor of Wealth Management at The American College.   

Topics Discussed:

  • COVID: How the pandemic and being isolated at home has affected investing
  • Day Trading: For better or worse, people want to invest in, buy individual stocks
  • Today’s Market: Everyone wants to buy and trade to make money, not possible
  • False Confidence: How long until the bubble bursts because it will, eventually
  • Winners and Losers: Problem with day traders is they report one, not the other
  • Can you beat the stock market? First, learn from mistakes made from investing
  • Smarter than…? Good investing is boring, advisors don’t and can’t time market
  • Utility Grievance: How much do you like something and quantify preferences?
  • Weigh Outcomes: Downside of doing it yourself is much worse than upside
  • Short Selling: Put on your blinders and don’t follow what everybody else does


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