How Physicians Can Have It All Without Giving It All with Dr. Bonnie Koo

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Why are so many female physicians dropping out of the profession? It’s extremely challenging to achieve balance as a physician mom. Not only are you a mom who is raising your own children, but a physician taking care of patients—besides having to deal with gender discrimination issues and the global pandemic.   

In this episode of the Finance For Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks to Dr. Bonnie Koo, founder of Wealthy Mom MD. Her business is dedicated to helping physician moms have it all without giving it all. Bonnie empowers physician moms by providing financial literacy through her podcast, coaching, and courses. Also, Bonnie is a board-certified dermatologist, certified life coach, mother, step-mother, and fiancée.     

Topics Discussed:

  • Wealthy Mom MD: Teaches female physicians financial strategies to overcome
  • Taboos: Don’t talk about money to handle and deal with anxiety, stress, and guilt
  • Perfectionism and Money: Female physicians are afraid to fail and lose
  • Promise Land? Money doesn’t mean physicians live happily ever after
  • Purpose of Money: Helps you live the life you want and do good in the world
  • Compensation: Females navigating and negotiating in patriarchal society
  • COVID and Corporate Medicine: Magnified cracks to figure out money, stability
  • Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE): Money is resource to buy back time
  • Coaching: Download new software updates to your brain when behind financially
  • Thought Loops: You are what you think—being on auto-pilot vs. becoming aware   


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