Hire or Fire Your Financial Advisor with Dr. Jim Dahle and Alan Moore

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Are you a physician tired of getting ripped off and wanting a fair shake on Wall Street? Rather than getting mad, understand how the financial services industry works. Do the right thing by knowing when and why to hire or fire your financial advisor.  

In this episode of the Finance For Physicians Podcast, Daniel Wrenne talks to Dr. Jim Dahle, a practicing emergency room physician and founder of The White Coat Investor, and Alan Moore, co-founder and CEO of the XY Planning Network about DIY financial planning versus hiring a financial advisor to help. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Making and Managing Money: Decide to hire help or do-it-yourself (DIY)?
  • Seeking financial advice: Stigma, status symbol, or too busy
  • Should a good advisor be saving you time and money? Good advice at fair price
  • Getting stuff done: Do you struggle to get those not so fun financial tasks done?
  • ]Mental energy: Are you fried and dreading financial chores?
  • Therapy and Financial Advice: Why financial planning often intertwines the two
  • Best and Worst Advisors: Compensation, commission, fee, CFP®, fiduciary?
  • Are you working with a broker or insurance agent posing as a “financial advisor”?
  • Conflict of Interest: Get a second opinion when pitched permanent life insurance
  • Financial Advice Future: Financial planning as a profession


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